QuWireless on Teltonika Tech Summit in Warsaw

Last Thursday, QuWireless embarked on an exhilarating journey at the Teltonika Tech Summit in Warsaw, Poland, where our team, accompanied by Kamil Stalica and Adrian Metelica, delved into the bustling ambiance of innovation. The event buzzed with over 120 dedicated engineers from companies across Europe, fostering the exchange of ideas and expertise. We are delighted that our participation was extremely successful!

Interacting with industry representatives, technology enthusiasts and forward-thinkers proved to be an enriching experience. The connections we made during the summit laid the groundwork for exciting future collaborations.

The discussions and presentations were simply inspiring. We not only contributed our insights, but also absorbed a wealth of knowledge from our industry peers. This influx of ideas promises to shape our future path.

Our demonstration of the QuPoE splitter at the Teltonika Tech Summit generated a lot of interest among attendees, confirming its position as a breakthrough innovation in PoE technology. Our PoE splitter stands out in the market for its gigabit throughput, making it an industry-leading solution.

"QuWireless continues to impress with their forward-thinking approach and commitment to excellence. Their innovative solutions showcased at the Teltonika Tech Summit reflect their unwavering dedication to redefining industry standards and driving progress."

Paweł, Poland

In particular, our presentation titled "Outdoor Solutions with QuWireless" attracted a lot of interest, reaffirming our commitment to providing cutting-edge outdoor antennas to our valued customers. In addition, we proudly presented QuShell mobile antennas to a wider audience for the first time!

Sincere thanks are deserved to the organizers and everyone involved in organizing the Teltonika Tech Summit. Your hard work and dedication made this event a huge success!