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Preview of article Exciting News! Forbes Diamond 2024

Exciting News! Forbes Diamond 2024


We are pleased to announce that our company, QuWireless, has received the esteemed Forbes Diamond award for two consecutive years! This special award recognizes and appreciates the hard work and dedication of our amazing group of employees.

Preview of article QuWireless on Teltonika Tech Summit in Warsaw

QuWireless on Teltonika Tech Summit in Warsaw


Last Thursday was an exciting chapter for QuWireless as we immersed ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the Teltonika Tech Summit in Warsaw, Poland. We are delighted that our participation was extremely successful!

Preview of article Ultra wide band 5G antennas

Ultra wide band 5G antennas


Wide Band 5G Antennas go beyond borders, bringing the world together through data-driven communication. With their advanced features and European craftsmanship, these outdoor antennas are set to transform how we all connect and engage.

Preview of article Forbes Diamond Award

Forbes Diamond Award


Wireless Instruments (owner of QuWireless brand) proudly announces that it has been honored with the highly coveted Forbes Diamonds 2023 award. This prestigious accolade serves as a testament to the company´s unwavering dedication to achieving remarkable growth and success in today´s competitive business landscape.

Preview of article Success story railcam

Success story railcam


Our client have a large number of live Cameras across the UK and have over the last couple of years started to use 4G where a suitable landline is not present. Initially he was using Huawei B535-232 routers however these do not allow remote management so in some locations installed Raspberry PI units. 

Preview of article Success story sysinfo

Success story sysinfo


SYSINFO has been providing a wide range of services, hardware and software for over 22 years. The main activity is comprehensive IT service for our clients. One of them is a large chain of liquor stores that must have a stable and reliable VPN connection over the cellular network. The problem was difficult locations far from BTS transmitters and installation of the LTE router inside buildings.