Success story railcam

Today we come to you with the story of a customer who is satisfied with the products we offer – what's more, he plans to install them in locations other than those mentioned in the coming year as well! See what the customer himself has written:

“We have a large number of live Cameras across the UK and have over the last couple of years started to use 4G where a suitable landline is not present. Initially we were using Huawei B535-232 routers, however these do not allow remote management, so in some locations installed Raspberry Pi units.

We then found Teltonika routers and began deploying these with the stockantennas. A couple of months ago, while searching for a way to improve video stream quality, we discovered your QuRouter products and since we had an install coming up at Oakworth station on the Keighley and Worth Valley Heritage Railway in West Yorkshire, we decided to give it a go.

As this location required a very discreet camera installation due to its picturesque view and as there is no landline present (they only actually got mains electricity a couple of years ago and the platform lights are still gas powered) we decided to deploy a QuRouter240 for the data connection and as you can see from the attached photographs it is fairly discrete located on the heritage signal post. The unit is supplied from a POE supply located 80 meters away in the main buildings via aCat5e cable.

We are pleased that our products have proven themselves and look forward to developing our cooperation!