Success story sysinfo

SYSINFO has been providing a wide range of services, hardware and software for over 22 years. The main activity is comprehensive IT service for our clients. One of them is a large chain of liquor stores that must have a stable and reliable VPN connection over the cellular network. The problem was difficult locations far from BTS transmitters and installation of the LTE router inside buildings.

Each new installation also meant the need to test all available mobile network operators to obtain a better, if any, connection.

We decided to use Teltonika routers enchanced by QuWireless antennas mounted outside the buildings.

After testing devices from various manufacturers, we decided on Teltonika routers with QuWireless antennas mounted outside buildings. As a result, we have achieved a dozen-fold increase in connection speed, much lower delays and much greater stability. We are currently considering with the client the possibility of installing sets of Teltonika routers and QuWireless antennas by default for all new locations. Thanks to this solution, the client also reduced the number of contracts with mobile network operators.


In one of the recent locations, the speeds obtained without the QuWireless antenna for download/upload were at the level of 6.4/0.3 Mbps, respectively. After adding the antenna and mounting it outside the building, we obtained results of 90/33 Mbps.


We recommend the combination of Teltonika routers with QuWireless antennas to our clients as a proven and reliable solution to their LTE connectivity problems, as well as to optimize the existing connectivity solution.