What are the advantages of placing the router and the antenna in one enclosure?

What are the advantages of placing the router and the antenna in one enclosure?

Have you ever asked yourself why do they produce antennas, routers and then put them in one cover? What is the point? What advantages do you have from doing this? We will hopefully resolve all doubts connected with this topic.

The advantages

There are several reasons why routers and antennas are packed up together in one enclosure. We gathered all the information and divided it in some subsections.

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Aesthetic reasons

Not only does the enclosure protect our devices, but it is also designed with much care and attention to detail. It allows us to produce a great looking, well-made enclosure, which will meet the visual requirements of the most demanding customers.

Waterproof enclosure construction

Not every router can be used outside

You can increase the network performance by putting router outside the house, but hardly any router is able to work outdoors. But as we have manufactured our enclosures, now it’s possible! Our cases are produced of high-quality materials, are reliable and can endure in any weather conditions. IP67 – that is the ingress protection code with which our products are classified.

One PoE cable instead of 2

Routers inside our products use PoE

You probably think that if you e.g. put the router and antenna in one enclosure and then mount it on the rooftop (or even higher), you will have to provide router power and Ethernet cable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Routers in our outdoor antennas support passive PoE (Power over Ethernet), which allows to transmit power as well as data in a single network cable.

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Router and antenna are next to each other

The biggest benefit of router and antenna being next to each other is the reduction of cable. As we all know reducing the cable length reduces its loss. Due to putting router and antenna together, we are able to connect them with short cables. This, in turn, allows us to enhance the signal received, at the same time minimizing its loss. The consequences of this are: throughput increase and more efficient connection.

Antenna is perfectly matched with the router

While putting antenna and router in one cover we need to match some parameters for them to work perfectly. This is why, when you buy an integrated solution like ours, you can be certain that every component will work with one another. You don’t have to match those parameters on your own, when there is a probability of making a mistake (e.g. matching the frequency or cable impedance).


Developing a durable and functional enclosure for the antenna and router is a demanding task. We have created them not only for an increase in efficiency, but also for the convenience of our clients. Every little step taken to embed router in antenna ends in efficiency improvement. From shortening and reducing the amount of cables, through enabling the router to work outside, to manufacturing a well-designed, waterproof enclosure. Perfect solution for someone who values connection reliability, practicality and aesthetics.